Zoho Inventory App Reviews

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Give you the data you need

But has a terrible utility ... great program and the desktop version works fine. But the app has lots of problems and lacks more then half the utility to use it in sales.

Can’t Log In

I have an iPhone 6. The app returns to the login page after I try to log in so I can’t get in.

Old interface

The interface is old. No way to actually easily view inventory. No way to scan a barcode and search like that either.

Serial number tracking missing

Cannot add serial numbers to items as in web. Would be awesome to be able to scan SN using phone’s camera.


I have deleted and re-downloaded this application three times now. All that I get when I open the application is a white screen. This application appears to work for my co-workers who have different phones. But something is wrong with the iPhone 6 build.

Incomplete. Poor service response

No enough functionality. Poor support service.

Not Complete

It doesn’t have all the features like the website such as creating an invoice and other features.

Need More Features

Need more information on items. 1: Warehouse inventory count 2: Custom Fields from items 3: Need Inventory Location 4: Barcode Scanner to search products

Website is better

App is very limited and feels primitive, also no option for iPad like other zoho apps


As soon as i try to open up a feature within the app it crashes, every time. Unusable

Stupid App

What good is an Inventory App that doesn't show your inventory?!? No option for 0 stars or that is what it would get!

Zoho Usually Works

Well bummer. Zoho has a good product usually. For some reason this app leaves me with a blank white screen after I login. I guess they neglect their mobile apps.

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